About Us

Homes by Shadrach Howie was formed in 2005 as a design build construction company and always strives to be the most efficient, innovative industry leader .  Homes by Shadrach Howie offers land development, design, value engineering/building options from start to turn key finish utilizing the highest quality building materials available. Innovation and quality on every project led to purchasing, using, distributing and ultimately in the future manufacturing V-Rod in the US because V-Rod is the global leader and manufacture of the highest quality best preforming composite bar in the world!

Our History

V-ROD is the manufacturer of V-ROD® GFRP and CFRP reinforcing and global leader in composite fibre reinforced polymer. The company as it currently located in Canada. 



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Non-corrosive even in the harshest environments and not affected by emissions or carbonation. Impervious to salts, chlorides, chemical products or alkaline present in concrete.

Pultrusion process of V-ROD® provides tensile strengths 2-3 times that of steel which is utilized by excellent bond strength of sand coating with Kb value of 0.8.

As V-ROD® contains no ions, it does not conduct electromagnetic energy and eliminates stray current/conductivity issues in substations, transit, reactor bases, MRI’s etc.

With significantly lower thermal conductivity than steel, V-ROD® is an
ideal insulator, providing a thermal break for precast insulated wall panels or balcony connections.

A little more background to what V-ROD USA/ V-ROD Canada provides, we have supplied hundreds of CIP and precast structures to date with the high strength, non-corrosive, non-conductive V-ROD GFRP reinforcing which aside from assuring safe, high performing durable structures can bring value added/cost savings to the owners and taxpayers (and project teams), especially when considering Life Cycle Costing.

V-ROD GFRP is included in the ACI, AASHTO LRFD 2019 & ASTM D7957 specification in the USA, CHBDC S6-14 and CSA S806-12 building code in Canada and have supplied hundreds of projects across North America and abroad that are becoming larger and more complex
V-ROD was successfully crash tested at Texas TTI for the TL-5 barriers
Should any specialty steel reinforcing such as stainless steel be specified, substantial cost savings can be realized as V-ROD is minimum 50% less cost than S/S and less than epoxy coated or other “corrosion resistant” reinforcing
With steel rebar costing typically fluctuating where rebar fabricators only able to hold pricing for a short period while inflating their steel costs to cover uncertainly, V-ROD provides cost savings with stable prices and able to hold costing on multi-year projects
Cost savings with shipping/logistics as V-ROD is ¼ the weight of steel
Provide assurance for owners of a safe, durable structure with long-term sustainability
Lower carbon footprint in terms of manufacturing (can send docs)
Can engage our team of engineers/professors at no cost to provide alternate GFRP designs or assistance to project design teams