Shadrach Howie is showcasing the composite rebar in this 2018 video. 


Bar laid down
Overview of bar placing
Bar being placed -1

The use of V-ROD in flatwork applications is growing at a fast pace. More durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete work as corrosion is completely removed from the equation. FRP reinforcement also has numerous benefits that will save headaches to owners and contractors.

Why Composite Rebar ;

  • High tensile strength
  • Being corrosion resistant, V-ROD won’t stain the concrete with rust
  • Non-conductive, ‘’Healthy homes’’ where the electrically/magnetically neutral V-ROD addresses any concerns with EMF
  • Lightweight and easier to handle & transport
  • Price efficient when compared with black steel

For minimum reinforcement (flatwork/slab on ground) the replacement for black steel rebar is one for one.