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V- Rod Rebar is available for pick up at our Rapid City location or can be delivered.  For delivery call for a quote anywhere in the US.  Custom lengths, sizes and bends delivered in 4 to 6 weeks.

2021 Price Poly #4 Bar $7.00
2021 Price Vinyl #4 11.00
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A strong foundation is a key element to quality construction. Using V-Rod rebar for your concrete reinforcement is a smart, more efficient, longer lasting, better preforming way to reduce cost and add value to your residential construction project. Homes by Shadrach Howie is available to help with design and building. We support your V-Rod project. The use of V-Rod in flat work and monolithic foundations is growing at a fast pace. Once you use V Rod rebar you will never use any specialty or epoxy coated bar again.  Use V-Rod and see why it is the best choice on earth for your concrete reinforcement.  

 2021 pricing on # 4 1/2'' 20' rebar $7.00

We are currently offering our # 4 1/2'' straight polyester bar at $7.00 per stick until 12/12/2021. This bar normally retails at $11.00 per stick. We are confident that once you use V-rod rebar you will never use anything else.  Our customers and distributors are for life.

Why Choose V-ROD GFRP Reinforcement

Reinforced concrete is the standard building material for construction of buildings and infrastructure. However, steel used historically for reinforcement may cause major corrosion issues due to our climate and exposure to chlorides and have resulted in severe deterioration. Governments and owners are facing an estimated $74B of ongoing repairs and potential dangerous failures have now included GFRP in their corrosion protection policies. V-ROD® GFRP composite reinforcement has answered the call in providing an economical, safe and long-term sustainable solution with initial and “Life Cycle” cost savings.

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